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Law No. 77 concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Consideration by Specified Corporations, etc., by Facilitating Access to Environmental Information, and Other Measures.

Type of law

This Law, consisting of 16 articles divided into seven Chapters, establishes the information on the state of business-related environmental consideration and information on reducing the environmental load in relation to manufactured products, goods, or services, according to the Basic Environment Law, Law No. 91 of 1993. In view of the importance of business-related environmental conservation and their appropriate environmental assessments in promoting environmental conservation and ensuring a sound economic development, the purpose of this law is to clarify the responsibilities of the State in providing and making use of information on the state of business-related environmental consideration and to take measures to prepare and publish environmental reports by Specified Corporations so as to ensure appropriate business-related environmental conservation, thereby contributing to ensuring a healthy and cultured living for both the present and future generations of the nation.
The Law is divided as follows: General Provisions (Chapter 1); Publication of information on the State of Environmental Consideration by the State and Local Governments (Chapter 2); Publication of information on the State of Business-Related Environmental Consideration (Chapter 3); Providing Information on Reducing the Environmental Load in Products (Chapter 4); Promoting the Availability of Environmental Information (Chapter 5); Miscellaneous (Chapter 6); Penalties (Chapter 7).
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This Law enters into force on 1 April 2005.
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