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Water Cycle Basic Act (No. 16 of 2014).

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This Law aims to maintain and restore the water cycle (the constant movement of water above, on and below the surface of the earth in the form of vapor, rain or snowfall, rivers, lakes, aquifers and oceans). The Law will promote comprehensive and integrated measures on water circulation, thereby maintaining or restoring healthy water circulation, the sound development of the economic society of Japan and the lives of the people. In order to contribute to the improvement of stability. It establishes the basic philosophy concerning measures for proper water circulation, clarifies the responsibilities of the national government, local governments, business operators and citizens, sets conditions for the basic plan concerning water circulation, and forms the basis of measures concerning water circulation. In addition, it establishes the Office for Headquarters for Water Cycle Policy. In order to comprehensively and systematically promote measures concerning water circulation, the government shall establish a basic plan concerning water circulation.
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