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Governmental Decree No. 268 validating Technical Regulation On safety of feedstuffs and feed additives .

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This Technical Regulation shall be applicable for the purpose of protection of human and animal life and health, consumer protection and prevention of misleading actions, and also for environmental protection. It establishes safety requirements for feed and feed additives, processes of their production, labelling, storage, transportation, trade and disposal. It indicates that antibiotics fall within the scope of this Regulation, listing them as the object of regulation in the context of feed additives. It also sets requirements for levels of some antibiotics that can be included to feedstuffs, manufacturing, storage, transportation and trade requirements. It shall be applicable to feedstuffs of animal, vegetable, mineral synthesis origin, feed mixtures, mixed fodder and fodder concentrates, circulating on the national territory. It shall not be applicable to homemade feedstuffs and feed additives that are not destined for trade. Identification of feed and feed additives is carried out for the following purposes: (a) ensuring the rights of consumers to a reasonable choice of products taking into account reliable information about them; (b) protecting the consumer from unfair manufacturer (seller); (c) establishing the conformity of products, including its name, to the requirements of these Technical Regulations; and (d) confirming the assessment of conformity of products to the information declared by the manufacturer (seller). Raw materials used for the production of feed and feed additives shall comply with the following requirements, which prohibit: (a) to use raw materials originating from unfavourable territories for particularly dangerous animal and bird diseases in accordance with the list of particularly dangerous animal diseases specified in Annex 2 to this Technical Regulation; (b) to produce feedstuffs with the use of unidentified tissues of animal origin; and (c) to use the addition of genetically modified organisms. The following requirements shall be observed in the process of manufacturing of feed and feed additives: (a) feed for productive ruminants shall not contain components derived from any animals, except for dairy components, except for fish and other hydrobionts not related to mammals; (b) feed for productive birds shall not contain components for ruminants, predatory animals and birds; (c) feed for productive swine shall not contain components for ruminants, predatory animals and swine; and (d) feed for productive animals originating from unfavourable countries for bovine spongiform encephalopathy shall not contain components derived from any animals other than fish and other non-major hydrobionts. Canned feed should be safe and produced under industrial sterile conditions.
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This Governmental Decree enters into force on the date of its official publication.
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22 2014 268 .