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Law of the Kirgiz SSR on Land Reform (No. 432-XII of 1991).

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This Law regulates the public relations and legal and organizational issues related to the implementation of the land reform in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Land reform is carried out so as to provide for the redistribution of the land in order to create the necessary conditions for equal in rights development of various forms of economy on the land, the formation of versatile economy, for the determination of the rates of the fees for land, and the rational use and protection of the lands at the territory of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. An inventory of land shall be made in order to specify the data on availability and distribution of the land stock of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan by categories of the lands, landowners, land users and arable lands (art. 4). Specification, establishment or alteration in kind of the borders of rural settlements, town-type settlements and towns shall be made in the following cases: absence of the border of the settlement; alteration of the General Plan of the settlement; allocation of the additional land territory for the needs of the settlement (art. 5). The procedures for the formation of a special land stock are outlined in art. 6. Article 7 specifies procedures for restructuring of non-effective kolkhozes, sovkhozes and other agricultural enterprises. Article makes provision with respect to re-registration of documents certifying the right for ownership or the right of use of land by individuals. The land-maintenance agency of the Committee for the land reform and land maintenance shall provide annual maintenance of the land-survey documentation, regular conduct of the land monitoring, perform land examination, registration and issue of the land certificates to the landowners and land users dealing with agricultural production (art. 15). Article 25 specifies the various land reform stages. (25 articles)
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