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Customs (Control and Management) Act Cap 20.04.

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This Act sets forth provisions on the import and export procedures; customs controlled areas; coastal trade; warehousing; duties, drawback, prohibitions and restrictions; powers and duties of customs personnel; and offences and penalties. The import of articles or food intended for human consumption declared by the competent public health authority to be unfit for such purpose is prohibited. First Schedule identifies the goods not permitted to be warehoused on importation, such as live animals, animal products, meat, cheese, fruits and nuts, fish products, and vegetables.
Long title of text
An Act to provide for the law relating to customs.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Act No. 4 of 1992 is amended by Act No. 7 of 2001 and revised by the Law Revision Commissioner under the authority of the Law Revision Act, No. 9 of 1986.
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