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Enforcement Decree of the Transboundary Movement, Etc. of Living Modified Organisms Act.

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The purpose of this Decree is to prescribe matters delegated by the Transboundary Movement, etc. of Living Modified Organisms Act and matters necessary for enforcing the Act.
The head of a relevant central administrative agency shall formulate a plan for the safety management of living modified organisms by jurisdiction every five years pursuant to Article 7 (1) and (4) of the Act; and formulate and implement a detailed implementation plan for executing the plan for the safety management of living modified organisms each year. The Decree further makes provisions for: materials and procedures necessary for risk review, designation, etc. of risk review agencies, application and approval, etc. for import of living modified organisms, procedures for importing living modified organisms for testing, research, procedures for conducting import inspection, organization of Biosafety Committee, etc.
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