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Environment Dispute Mediation Act.

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The purpose of this Act is to conserve the environment and to relieve damage to the health and property of citizens by providing for the procedure, etc. of good offices, mediation and adjudication regarding environmental disputes for the rapid, fair and efficient settlement of the environmental disputes. Each environmental dispute resolution commission referred to in Article 4 shall endeavor for the rapid, fair and economical proceeding of adjustment procedure, and the disputing parties who take part in the adjustment procedure shall faithfully participate in the procedure with mutual trust and understanding. he national resolution commission shall have jurisdiction over the following matters among affairs concerning the adjustment of disputes: Adjudication on disputes; Adjustment of disputes in which the State or a local government is a party; Adjustment of other disputes. Each regional resolution commission shall have jurisdiction over affairs other than the affairs referred to in paragraph (1) 2 through 5 among affairs for the adjustment of disputes which arise in the areas of the relevant City/Do: Provided, That in cases of paragraph (1) 1, it shall apply only to adjudication on disputes prescribed by Presidential Decree, excluding disputes over the obstruction of sunshine, obstruction of air circulation and obstruction of view.
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Consolidated version as amended last by Act No. 13602 of 22 December 2015.
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