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Standing Timber Act (No. 2484 Feb. 6, 1973).

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The purpose of this Act is to provide for matters necessary for the registration of standing timber, the creation of mortgages thereon, etc. Independence of Standing Timber implies the following: 1) Standing timber shall be deemed immovable property; 2) The owner of standing timber may transfer the title of standing timber separately from land or may offer it as the subject matter of a mortgage; 3) The disposal of ownership of, or superficies on, the land shall not affect the rights in standing timber thereon. Registration of Standing Timber specifies the following requirements: 1) A cluster of trees eligible for registration for preservation of ownership shall be limited to those registered in the original records of registration of standing timber; 2) A person who intends to have his/her cluster of standing timber registered pursuant to paragraph(1) shall file an application with the Governor of a Special Self-Governing Province, or the head of a Si/Gun/Gu having jurisdiction over the location of the cluster of standing timber. The same shall also apply to cases where the person intends to file for modified registration of registered facts.
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This Act shall enter into force 30 days after the date of its promulgation.
Last amendments up to Act No. 11303 of 10 February 2012.
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