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Decree No.12 of 2017 issuing the Executive Regulations for the Protection of the Aquatic and Coastal Environment from Pollution.

Type of law

This Decree consisting of 19 articles aims at regulating the articles of the Environmental Protection Law of 2012 relating to protection of the aquatic and coastal environment from the pollution. The Decree is divided in two Parts.
Part I, divided in 2 Chapters, concerns drinking water and groundwater, defining in Chapter 1 (i) responsibility of the competent authorities; (ii) standards for bottled and non-bottled water; (iii) monitoring methods; (iv) water transport; (v) conditions for the sale, circulation, marketing of products connected to drinking water; and (vi) necessary authorizations. Chapter 2 deals with surface and groundwater defining (i) concerned and responsible authorities; and (ii) standards and conditions.
Part II concerns protection of coastal environment and deals with (i) responsible authorities, conditions and standards; (ii) permits; (iii) technical conditions; (iv) elimination of contaminated water associated with production in oil fields; and (v) water distillation plans, power generation and other coastal installations.
The Decree contains two Annexes. Annex I provides for guidelines about (i) seawater quality; (ii) bacterial indicators in recreational coastal water; (iii) water discharged into Kuwait seawater; (iv) water discharged into sewers; and (v) water used for irrigation. Annex II regards non-bottled drinking water, containing tables on (i) physical quality of potable water; (ii) guidelines for health-based inorganic chemical constituents in potable'water; (iii) guidelines for consumer complaint inorganic chemical constituents in potable water; (iv) guidelines for health-based organic chemical constituents in potable water.
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This Regulation enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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(12) 2017