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By-law of the Basin Water Association Syrdarya

Type of law

This By-law of the Basin Water Association Syrdarya is based on the ICWC intergovernmental framework agreement of 1992. This Basin Water Association is a Basin Water Organization (BWO) and an executive and interdepartmental control body of ICWC of Central Asia republics, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and acts on the base of the intergovernmental agreement. The BWO carries out its functions within the Syrdarya river water basin. Its main objective is to regulate water supply and intake from the Syrdarya river. It shall be involved also in infrastructure development. The By-law sets out the precise tasks of the BWO. Association is led by the head, which is appointed by ICWC decision.
Entry into force notes
This International Agreement enters into force the date of signing.
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