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By-law of the Coordination Metrological Center ICWC.

Type of law

This By-law concerns duties, powers and administration of the Coordination-Metrological Center at ICWC (CMC), which is established according to the decision made by ICWC on 11 February 2000 with the aim to provide interstate programs for water resources use and protection in the field of automation and metrology in the Aral Sea basin. Functions of the CMC will be carried out by an Institute of the Water Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic. CMC coordinates and implements technological policy in the field of metrological support to programs and decisions of ICWC on use, protection and accounting of water resources in sources and water-management systems. The By-law details the main and specific functions of the CMC.
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This International Agreement enters into force the date of signing.
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