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Regulations relating to fisheries, fishing and related activities, for the marine fisheries sector in the Republic of Liberia, 2010 (New Fisheries Regulations).

Type of law

The Ministry of Agriculture, Bureau of Fisheries, issues, pursuant to its mandate under Section 105 of Chapter 4, Sub-Chapter C of title 24 of the Law of the Republic of Liberia (the Natural Resources Law, 1985) these Regulations, which provide rules for marine fisheries sector in the Republic of Liberia. The Regulations provide with respect to, among other things: fisheries conservation and management; fishing and operating of fishing vessels; requirements and procedures for licenses and authorizations; conditions and requirements for fishing, transhipment and the use of ports; registration and recording; artisanal fishing; monitoring, control, surveillance and compliance; marking of fishing vessels and fishing gear. They also define offences.
The Regulations apply in all areas over which the Republic of Liberia exercises jurisdiction or sovereign rights and to all Liberian fishing vessels and all persons on them or dealing with or having any relevant relationship to them or persons on them, in and in relation to any areas within or beyond national jurisdiction in so far as this is not in conflict with the jurisdiction of another State. The Bureau of National Fisheries shall be the principle authority for purposes of marine fisheries. The Bureau shall evaluate which types of management measures are necessary to ensure sustainable management of fisheries. The Coordinator of the Bureau of National Fisheries may cause to be drawn up Fisheries Management Plans for any fishery or area in the Fisheries Waters and shall ensure consultation with relevant stakeholders in the development of each Plan. The Coordinator shall also establish and maintain a national register of licenses. The Coordinator shall deny in certain circumstances a foreign fishing vessel the use of a Liberian port for landing, transshipping, packaging or processing of fish.
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Liberia Official Gazette Vol. IX, No. 43 of 24 November 2010.
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