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National Parks Act (No. 11 of 1975).

Type of law

The Act concerns the setting aside of land as a national park and for the appointment by the Minister of the Board of Trustees, which shall control, manage and maintain national parks. The Board shall be a body corporate. It may in national parks, among other things: take measures that will ensure the preservation and security of animals and vegetation and set aside parts of a park as breeding places for animals or nurseries for vegetation. The Act also provides rules for the hunting of animals or the damaging or gathering of plants in a national park. Such activities require a permit in writing signed by the chairman of the Board. The provisions of Part IX of the Administration of Land Act 1973 shall apply to any declaration of an area as a national park.
Long title of text
An Act to provide for the establishment and maintenance of national parks for the conservation of wild animal and fish life: the preservation of vegetation and objects of historical or scientific interest and for th e enjoyment of visitors to such parks; to provide for th e control, management and maintenance of such parks and for incid ental matters.
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