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National Planning Board (Section 105 of the Constitution).

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There is established a National Planning Board of Lesotho under section 105 of the Constitution. The functions of the National Planning Board shall be: (a) to prepare plans for the economic development of Lesotho, including in particular the development, conservation and use of land and other natural resources; (b) to co-ordinate and supervise the preparation of such plans by the Government of Lesotho and other public authorities; (c) to advise the Government of Lesotho and other public authorities in relation to the economic development of Lesotho and in relation to the Government policy in respect of land holding; and (d) such other functions as may for the time being be conferred upon it by or under any law. Members shall be designated by the King and the Minister and by (private) organizations including livestock farmers and other agro-allied associations.
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