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Cabinet Regulation No. 157 of 2004 on Procedures for Carrying Out a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

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The Regulation prescribes the procedures by which a strategic environmental impact assessment must be carried out. According to the Regulation, the strategic assessment must include such types of planning documents that require the strategic assessment; procedures by which a submission regarding commencement of the development of a planning document is to be handed in and the content of the submission, as well as the bodies with which the developer of the planning document consults prior to handing in the submission; procedures by which the Environment State Bureau must inform the public of the fact why the strategic assessment has or has not been applied to a particular planning document; the information necessary to be included in the environmental review; procedures by which the developer must publish a notice regarding the opportunity for the public to become acquainted with the environmental review and draft planning document and to take part in a public discussion; the time period within which the Bureau must provide an opinion regarding the environmental review; the bodies to which the submitter must forward the draft planning document and the environmental review in order to receive comments and proposals; procedures for the informing of the public as well as discussion of the environmental review, including in the case of transboundary impact; rules and procedures for informing the public after adoption of the planning document; procedures for informing the relevant states in the case of transboundary impact; procedures for monitoring the implementation of the planning document; and procedures for informing the European Commission.
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