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Cabinet Regulation No. 671 of 2017 Mandatory Harmlessness and Quality Requirements for Drinking Water, and the Procedures for Monitoring and Control Thereof

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The Regulation prescribes the mandatory harmlessness and quality requirements for drinking water, procedures by which conformity of drinking water to requirements of this Regulation is evaluated, as well as procedures for the monitoring and control of drinking water. The Regulation shall apply to surface and ground water that either in the original state thereof or after special treatment is intended for human consumption, food preparation or household use, trade, and also for use in the food industry for treatment, processing, preservation regardless of the manner of supply by water pipelines, tankers or in containers. The responsibility of the water management service provider who owns water supply infrastructure and who supplies drinking water to residential places, and the food establishment for internal water pipelines of the building is laid down in the laws and regulations regarding construction standards and also in the Law on Water Management Services.
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"Latvijas V stnesis", 228 (6055), 16.11.2017.
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