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Cabinet Regulation No. 685 of 2015 on Requirements for Food Supplements

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The Regulation prescribes the mandatory safety requirements for food supplements; the procedures for registering food supplements, suspending or restricting their circulation and cancelling registration; the requirements for additional labelling of food supplements; and the requirements for the advertising content and presentation. The Regulation does not apply to medicinal products. It is permitted to place food supplements on the market in Latvia, if they have been notified to the Food and Veterinary Service and included in the register of food supplements; and have been presented as food products and are delivered to the end consumer in pre-packaged form only. A food establishment must ensure that there is information on the products distributed thereby at the trading site of the relevant food supplements. According to the Regulation, the Service must not restrict or prohibit the trade in food supplements due to their composition, manufacturing specification, presentation or labelling, if they conform to the requirements of this Regulation and the laws and regulations governing the circulation of food.
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