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Cabinet Regulation No. 694 of 2015 on Mandatory Requirements for the Safety, Quality, and Additional Labelling of Apple and Pear Cider

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The Regulation prescribes the mandatory requirements for the safety, quality, and additional labelling of apple and pear cider to be distributed in Latvia. The product which, in accordance with laws and regulations, has been produced or put into circulation in a European Union Member State or in Turkey or has been produced in a European Economic Area country may be offered in Latvia in compliance with the principle of mutual recognition laid down in laws and regulations. The product which has been produced in a country other than that referred to in Paragraph 2 of this Regulation may be distributed in Latvia if the requirements laid down in this Regulation and the laws and regulations governing the field of food chain have been met. The product is produced from fermented apple or pear juice or from a mixture of both juices, or from an apple or pear juice that has been obtained from a concentrate. The product shall contain only such alcohol which has resulted from the fermentation process of apple or pear juice.
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Latvijas V stnesis, 242, 10.12.2015.
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Ministru kabineta noteikumi Nr. 694 2015. gada bolu un bumbieru sidra oblig t s nekait guma, kvalit tes un papildu mar juma pras bas