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Cabinet Regulation No.89 of 1998 regarding hygiene requirements and criteria for freshness and size for production and placing on the market of fishery products.

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This Regulation determines the hygiene requirements and the criteria regarding freshness and size for the acquisition and production of fishery products intended for human consumption on fishing vessels and factory vessels, in treatment establishments and placing on the market thereof. Fishing vessels and factory vessels, except vessels registered in the Register of Small Ships of the Environmental State Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, processing establishments, auction and wholesale markets shall be subject to the supervision and inspection of competent institutions authorized in accordance with the procedures set out in regulatory enactments that. The document consists of XII Sections that contain 126 Articles. Section I lays down the general provisions. Section II establishes basic requirements for the production and control of fishery products. Section III regards equipment of fishing vessels and factory vessels. Section IV establishes the modalities of the acceptance of catch and processing of fishery products on fishing vessels and factory vessels. Section V regards auction and wholesale markets for placing of fish products for sale. Section VI regards design and equipment of processing establishments. Section VII regards processing of fish products in processing establishments. Section VIII regards packaging and labelling of fish products. Section IX regards storage and transportation of fish products. Section X regards staff hygiene. Section XI deals with quality monitoring. Section XII lays down the transitional provisions.
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Entry into force on 20 March 1998.
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