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Fruit and Vegetables Marketing Standards (Amendment) Regulations, 2022. (L.N. 250 of 2022).

Type of law

These regulations amend the Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Standards Regulations ("the principal regulations"). The words "the Director" wherever they occur, are substituted by the words "the Malta Food Agency".
Sub-regulation (2) of regulation 1, concerning the scope of the regulations is substituted by a new sub-regulation.
Regulation 2 of the principal regulations is reworded and some definitions are amended. It is the case for the new definition which is provided for the definition "Inspectorate Unit". Also a new new definition for "Malta Food Agency" is added and so it is for the definition of "product".
The following Regulations of the principal regulations contain several adjustments concerning legislative references: sub-regulation (5) of regulation 3, regulation 4, sub-regulation (3) of regulation 5, sub-regulation (3) of regulation 6, sub-regulation (2) of regulation 7 and sub-regulation (1) of regulation 9.
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Government Gazette of Malta No. 20,939 11.10.2022
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