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State of Emergency - Covid-19 Regulations: Namibian Constitution (Proclamation No. 9 of 2020).

Type of law

These Regulations of the President, made under Article 26 of the Namibian Constitution, introduce measures to mitigate the emergency caused by COVID-19. They seek to alleviate, contain and minimise the effects of the disaster caused by the spreading of the virus. The measures concern, among other things, the protection of health and the delivery of critical services. The Regulations also grant powers to various authorities and define penalties. Critical services means services listed as critical services in Annexure B. The President may by way of amendment to these regulations amend Annexure B, by adding a service as a critical service or by removing a service listed as a critical service. Among these services are agriculture, forestry and fishing (as defined) and potable water services and waste water management services.
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Government Gazette 28 March 2020.
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