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Act containing new rules relative to nature and landscape protection (Nature Protection Act 1998).

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This Act concerns protection of the natural environment and landscape in the Netherlands. It implements Community legislation in this field. The Ministers shall at least every eight years adopt a nature conservation policy plan and the Nature and Environment Planning Office shall report at least every four years to the Minister on the state of nature, forests and landscape. The Minister may declare natural monuments and areas as indicated in Directive 79/409/EEG concerning wild birds and Directive 92/43/EEG on protection of habitats. The Act also concerns other protected areas such as Natura-2000 areas and matters relating to expropriation. Activities in nature protection areas are regulated and may require a permit of provincial authorities. Protected landscapes shall be declared by provincial authorities.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Stb. 403 of 1998 as at 19 March 2012 and amended last by Stb. 19 of 2012.
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Legislation Amendment
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Wet houdende nieuwe regelen ter bescherming van natuur en landschap (Natuurbeschermingswet 1998).
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