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Decree No. BWBR0005758 of 10 December 1992, on the Preparation and Treatment of Foodstuffs under the Commodities Act.

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This Decree of the State Secretary responsible for public health, made under the Act containing provisions relative to the labelling and nature of goods (Merchandise Act), lays down general rules relative to the preparation, processing, handling and placing on the market of food and beverages. These Rules both concern hygiene and food quality. It shall be prohibited to prepare, process, handle, treat, trade in, etc. food and beverages otherwise than in accordance with rules laid down by this Decree. It shall be also prohibited to place food products on the market that do not comply with requirements of specified Community Regulations on food handling, maximum residue limits and contamination. The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the Ministry responsible for public health shall be the principal authorities for purposes of this Decree and the specified Community provisions.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Staatsblad no. 678 of 1992, as last amended by the Decree published in the Staatsblad no. 473 of 2022.
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Staatsblad no. 678 of 1992.
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Besluit nr. BWBR0005758 van 10 december 1992, houdende vaststelling van het warenwetbesluit Bereiding en behandeling van levensmiddelen