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Decree no. BWBR0029789 of 2011 containing general rules relative to the discharge other than from a facility (Decree Discharge Outside Facilities).

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This Decree prescribes rules relative to the discharge of waste and wastewater from places other than facilities in the sense of the Decree General Environmental Rules for Facilities. The Decree concerns the discharge of: substances as mentioned in article 6.1. of the Water Act in surface water; wastewater in the soil; wastewater and other substances in the groundwater system, rainwater system, or in sewerage or water treatment systems. The Decree defines competent local authorities for purposes of authorizations, provides for protection measures, requires proposed discharge to be notified, defines general rules applying to discharge and rules applying to specific kinds of discharge, sets out effluent discharge standards and provides for controls.
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Consolidated version as last amended by the Decree of April 1st, 2021, published in the State Gazette no. 175 of 2021.
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Legislation Amendment
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Besluit nr. BWBR0029789/2011 houdende algemene regels voor lozen anders dan vanuit een inrichting (Besluit lozen buiten inrichtingen).