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Decree No. 263 of 2009 to regulate the hunting of seals in the West Arctic Sea and the East Arctic Sea in 2009.

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This Decree prohibits in principle the hunting for seals in the West Arctic Sea and the East Arctic Sea. The Decree is divided into 4 Chapters: Chapter 1 in general provides for the participation of hunting for seals, which is prohibited for vessels not fulfilling the requirements set out in article 2. Chapters 2 and 3 regulate hunting for seals in the West Arctic Sea respectively the East Arctic Sea; the fourth Chapter contains general provisions which give definitions, regulate reporting, catch quotas, log books, control, and prescribe offences and penalties. In principal it is forbidden to hunt in the West Arctic Sea seals known as Greenland seals and hooded seal. Norwegian vessels, however, may catch in the area a specified amount of adult seals. Close seasons for the hunting of hooded seals and Greenland seals are prescribed in article 5. In the East Arctic no seals may be hunted. The East Arctic shall be the area east of 20 East in the Russian Economic Zone. Allocation of quotas shall be done by the Director of Fisheries. The Directorate of Fisheries may decide to place an inspector on board of vessels.
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Forskrift om regulering av fangst av sel i Vesterisen og stisen i 2009.