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Decree No. 336 of 2011 to regulate hunting for minke whales in 2011.

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This Decree prohibits in principal the hunting of minke whales by Norwegian vessels in 20011. However, the total allowable catch for Norwegian vessels in the areas of the Norwegian Economic Zone, the Fisheries Zone of Jan Mayen, the Fisheries Zone of Svalbard and specified International Whaling Commission (IWC) international waters for 2011 is fixed at 1286 whales (65 whales in the specified IWC waters). The Director of Fisheries can stop fishing if the total allowable catch is reached. Hunting may take place from 1 April until 31 August. The Directorate of Fisheries may impose the duty to host an inspector or observer on board and vessels shall install specified monitoring equipment. Single catch quotas shall be fixed by the Director. (11 sections)
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 336 of 2011 as amended last by Decree No. 370 of 2011.
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Forskrift om regulering av fangst av v gehval i 2011.