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Decree No. 385 of 2009 to regulate fishing for mackerel in 2009.

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This Decree regulates fishing for mackerel by Norwegian vessels in specified areas in the year 2009. The Decree prohibits in principle fishing for and landing of mackerel by Norwegian vessels. However a total quota tons (for specified areas in the Norwegian inner waters, the EEZ, the EU zone, the international waters and the fisheries zone of the Faeroe Islands) is allowed to be fished in 2009 in accordance with conditions set out in the present Decree specified for specific each kind of fishing vessels. Specific rules are stipulated for purse seining, trawl groups and coastal vessels groups). In addition, the Decree regulates bycatch, transfer of quotas assigned to a vessel and some other matters.
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om regulering av fisket etter makrell i 2009.