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Decree relative to approved (pure-bred) breeding pigs and hybrid breeding pigs (No. 66 of 1999).

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The scope of the Decree is to secure proper breeding of purebred pigs. Its provisions implement in Norway EU Council Directives 88/661/EC, 90/118/EC, 90/119/EC, and 94/28/EC. Section 3 gives a definition of a purebred animal. In order to become a recognised breeding organization, an institution resident in Norway which has adopted rules for the registration of purebred animals and established such register, apply to the State Agriculture supervision Agency (sect. 4). Also seed, eggs, and embryo collecting stations shall be approved by the same Agency under section 5. The approved institution shall, when testing the genetic qualities of a breeding animal, use the methods outlined in Schedule 3. In order to be approved as breeding animal, thoroughbred pigs shall meet the standards laid down in Schedule 4 and hybrid breeding pigs those laid down in Schedule 5 (sect. 7). Section 8 makes provision for a genealogical and identity certificate. Animals that come from "third countries" shall be introduced in the register if approved by an officially recognised institution of the country of origin. Section 10 prescribes standards for breeding material imported from third countries. (17 sections completed by 5 Schedules)
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 66 of 199 as amended last by Decree No. 138 of 2004.
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