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Regulation No. 1184 on fishing for greater silver smelt in 2012.

Type of law

The regulation applies to fishing of Hypomesus pretiosus in 2012. Each vessel is allowed trawl-fishing in the economic fishery zone (pursuant to article 224 of Regulation No. 1157 of 13 October 2006) a total quota of 12 000 tons, of which 300 are assigned for scientific purposes. Fishing season starts on 13 February 2012, and within the quota of 11 700 tons, a seasonal quota of 1 755 tons of fish may be cought from 1 June 2012. A maximum of 10% bycatch of greater silver smelt in the weight of each catch and on landing is allowed. Landing of fishing and hunting catch is not permitted.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Entry into force 1 January 2012 with validity until 31 December 2012.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
FOR 2011-12-05 nr 1184: Forskrift om regulering av fisket etter vassild i 2012.