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Regulation No. 1387 on saithe fishing in the North Sea in 2013.

Type of law

Norwegian vessels are not allowed to fish and land saithe in the following areas in 2013: the North Sea (Norway's territorial waters and exclusive economic zone south of 62 N defined on the east by a line through Hanstholmen and Lindesnes and in EU waters in the ICES area IV statistics); and in the Skagerrak (defined to the west by a line through Hanstholmen Lindesnes lighthouse and on the south by a line through Skagen to the Tistlarna lighthouse beyond 4 nautical miles of the Swedish and Danish baselines).
Nevertheless this prohibition, any fishing vessel may fish and land up to 5 500 tons (conventional equipped fishing vessels may fish and land max. 8 000 tons). Vessels may trawl-fish and land up to 33 104 tons. This includes cod (20 516 tons) and saithe (up to 5 340 tons). Vessels with pelagic trawl permit, may fish and land in the North Sea up to 5 581 tons (of which 2 000 tons are allocated to by-catch); vessels with limited trawl-fishing license may fish and land up to 1 667 tons. Cod-fishing is permitted with a maximum allowable catch of 1 400 tons.
Vessels with trawl permit that have fished more than 325 tons of saithe in 2006, 2007 or 2008 shall be subject to quota factor 1 and to a maximum allowable catch of 600 tons. By-catch shall be calculated for a maximum of 10% of total saithe catch.
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Entry into force notes
1 January 2013 with validity to 31 December 2013.
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Legislation Amendment
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FOR 2012-12-20 nr 1387: Forskrift om regulering av fisket etter sei i Nordsj en og Skagerrak i 2013.