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Regulation No. 1568 on administrative fines for violations of provisions in the REACH Regulation, CLP Regulation, and Biocides Regulation within the Authority of the Norwegian Environment Agency.

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The purpose of the present Regulation is to prevent products, including chemicals, from causing harm to health and the environment through a predictable, efficient, and consistent use of administrative fines. It lays down a framework for the Norwegian Environment Agency's authority to impose administrative fines for violations of the following regulations issued under the Product Control Act: 1) Regulation No. 516 on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH); 2) Regulation No. 622 on classification labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures of substances (CLP); and 3) Regulation No. 480 on Biocides (Biocide Regulation).
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This Regulation enters into force immediately.
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Legislation Amendment
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FOR-2023-09-29-1568: Forskrift om overtredelsesgebyr for overtredelser av bestemmelser i REACH-forskriften, CLP-forskriften og biocidforskriften p Milj direktoratets myndighetsomr de.