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Regulation No. 399 on fishing for sandeels in 2019.

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The Regulation applies to the fishing sandeels by Norwegian vessels in 2019. It prohibits in principal such fishing, but allows for a catch quota (125 000 tons) which may be caught in the period from 15 April to 23 June in specified areas of the Norwegian EEZ. The Directorate of Fisheries may close the fishery for sandeels when the total quota is caught. The Regulation also concerns (the calculation of) single vessel quotas and provides rules for the use of quotas by single vessels in various circumstances (including special schemes and vessel replacement). The quantity that can be fished with the individual vessel cannot be transferred to another vessel. It is also prohibited to receive and land catches that have been fished by another vessel. If sandeels are intentionally or negligently dumped or otherwise killed, the Directorate of Fisheries' regional office may make a decision on proportionate reduction of the quota.
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Entry into force on 25 March 2019 with validity to 31 December 2019.
Consolidated version of Regulation No. 399 of 2019 as amended by Regulation No. 935 of 2019
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om regulering av fisket etter tobis i 2019.