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Iodized Salt (Production, Sale and Distribution) Act, 2055 (No. 16 of 1998).

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This Act provides for the production, import, supply, sale and distribution of iodized salt in order to prevent and eradicate extensive and serious effects caused to public health by iodine deficiency.
The Law sets out procedures for obtaining permits to import, purchase and sell iodine free salt or to produce, import, supply, sell and distribute iodized salt.
The Act provides for the establishment of an Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Committee and defines its internal organization. The Committee may approve the label of iodized salt and fix the required standards of iodized salt, and the Central Food Laboratory shall issue a certification of standards.
The Act further provides for: appointment, functions, duties and powers of inspectors; information and education on iodized salt; obligations of health institutions; offences and penalties; etc.
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An Act made to provide for iodized salt.
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