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Mines and Minerals Act, 2042 (1985).

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This Act provides for the development of mines and mineral deposits existing in the country.
The Act classifies minerals based on their nature and importance as specified in section 3A.
The Government of Nepal shall have the exclusive power to carry out mining operations. Any person who desires to carry out mining operations shall obtain a licence by the Department of Mines and Geology of the Government of Nepal, and shall abide to the licence conditions as prescribed. Furthermore, while undertaking mining operations no adverse effect shall be caused on the environment.
The Act further provides for: restrictions on the export of minerals; royalties; inspection and investigations; establishment of a Minerals Development Centre to launch a minerals promotion programme; penalties; etc.
Long title of text
An Act made to provide for matters concerning mines and minerals.
Date of consolidation/reprint
This Act repeals the Nepal Mines Act, 2023 (1966).
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