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Agricultural Quarantine Act 1999 (No. 5 of 1999).

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This Act makes provision for quarantine measures regarding plants and animals imported or present in Nauru. The Act, among other things: provides for the appointment of quarantine officers; empowers the Minister to prohibit or place restrictions on the importation of (parts of) plants or animals, articles and disease agents, to declare a disease to be a quarantinable disease and to prohibit the movement of animals and plants; provides for examination and quarantine of imported goods; and requires plants, plant materials or live animals or animal products entering Nauru to be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate or a health certificate attesting that the animal or the animal product has been examined, treated where applicable and found to be free from diseases and pests. The Minister may declare the existence of a quarantine emergency and the Act specifies measures that may be taken in case of an emergency. The Cabinet may make regulation providing for permits and prescribing permit fees for imports and exports of fresh or processed food materials, live animals and plants.
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An Act to provide for the protection of plants, animals and public health and the Protection, development and utilization of natural resources and the environment by preventing the introduction and further spread of injurious diseases and pests; to provide procedures and facilities for services to ensure the safe movement of plants and animals into, out of and within the Republic; to extend obligatory international cooperation in the prevention of the movement of diseases pests in international trade and traffic; and for related purposes.
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