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National Disaster Risk Management Act 2016 (No. 2 of 2017).

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The purposes of this Act are to help communities in Nauru through prevention, mitigation and preparedness with response and transition to develop in post-disaster phases; to provide for effective disaster management; and to provide procedures for effective coordination of international disaster relief assistance. To this end, this Act lays down provisions on the establishment, structure and functioning of the National Emergency Services in Part 3, the National Disaster Risk Management Council, Disaster Risk Reduction Committee, Recovery Advisory Committee, Community Disaster Management Committees, and the National Emergency Operations Centre in Part 4. A National Disaster Risk Management Plan shall be developed by the Department of National Emergency Services in accordance with the provisions in Part 5. The guiding principles of this Act are disaster risk management, disaster risk reduction, and strengthened communication and coordination between the communities and the Department of National Emergency Services and the Council carrying out disaster operations. Furthermore, this Act sets forth provisions on the declaration of a State of Disaster by the President on the advice of the Council in Part 6, in order to prevent and minimize loss of human life, illness or injury to humans, property loss or damage, and damage to the environment. The provisions on the initiation, termination, and coordination of international disaster relief assistance; general responsibilities of assisting actors; provision of legal facilities to eligible actors; entry of international disaster goods and equipment and re-export any unused goods or equipment; engagement and termination of locally engaged personnel; jurisdiction over international personnel; and the monitoring of the compliance of assisting actors with their responsibilities under this Act by the Council are issued in Part 7. This Act underlines that any food imported into Nauru by eligible actors must not expire within 6 months of importation and be labelled in the English language, in compliance with the Customs Act 2014, Agricultural Quarantine Act 1999, Quarantine Act 1908, Food Safety Act 2005 and all other applicable laws. The Cabinet may make regulations prescribing all matters necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Act.
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An Act to repeal the National Disaster Risk Management Act 2008 and replace it with a new law that provides for matters relating to disaster risk management in Nauru; to establish under law the National Emergency Services, the National Disaster Risk Committee, and the National Disaster Risk Management Council and for other related purposes.
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This Act shall enter into force upon certification by the Speaker.
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