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17 Dec 2010
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NZEnvC 424
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The Environment Court
Borthwick, J.E.
dispute settlement, hydroelectric energy, renewable energy

In 2008 four appeals were lodged against a joint decision of the West Coast Regional Council and the Grey District Council granting a number of consents to Trust Power Limited to construct, operate and maintain a hydro electric power station on the Arnold River. All of the appeals related to conditions imposed by the West Coast Regional Council.
The court has read and considered the consent memoranda for the Graham and Miles appeals and the further amendments proposed by the West Coast Fish and Game Council, Trust Power Limited and the West Coast Regional Council. The further amendments are in keeping with the spirit and intent of the court’s substantive decision and so will make the changes as sought.
Under section 290 of the Resource Management Act 1991, resource consents RC06019/1-RC06019/57 granted by the West Coast Regional Council are confirmed subject to the final version of General and Specific conditions set out in Appendix A which attaches to and forms part of this decision. The Court records that ENV-2008-CHC-295 G A Graham v West Coast Regional Council and ENV-2008-CHC-302 P Miles v West Coast Regional Council have been resolved by consent and those agreements are reflected in the General and Specific conditions attached as Appendix A.