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18 Oct 2006
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CRI 2006-443-000012
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High Court of New Zealand
animal health, penalty, sanction

The appellant appealed against sentences imposed upon her conviction of two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. Being the owner of 21 domestic cats and 15 Spaniel dogs, she was convicted of failing to ensure that the physical, health and behavioural needs of those animals were met and of failing to ensure that those animals received necessary treatment. The judge had made an order disqualifying her from owing any cats or dogs for 25 years.
Inspectors had located 21 domestic cats shut in the front room of the appellants’ house. The room was dark without proper ventilation. The room was said to be a health hazard to both cats and humans. They had also discovered 15 Spaniel dogs in poor condition.
The appellant said that the period of disqualification of 25 years was excessive. Having considered the facts the court was of the view that the sentence whilst stern, did not pass the threshold of being excessive. The animals were collectively kept in degrading conditions. However, it reduced the amount of reparation to be paid.