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Climate Change (Management) (Amendment) Act 2021 (No. 25 of 2021).

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This Act makes several amendments in the principal Act. The long title of Act is amended as: "Being an Act to provide for a regulatory framework to - (a) promote and manage climate compatible development through climate change mitigation and adaptation activities; and (b) implement any relevant obligations of the State under applicable rules of international law and international agreements related to climate change, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement; and (c) establish Papua New Guinea s Designated National Authority or an equivalent entity for the purposes of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement and any such other or subsequent arrangements or agreements made under the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, and for related purposes". This Act replaces Section 3 on definitions, Section 6 on the territorial application of the principal Act, Section 7 on emissions of greenhouse gases from international transportation means; Section 10 on the purpose of the Authority; Section 11 on the functions and powers of the Authority; Section 13 on the functions and powers of the Board; Section 16 on the membership of the Board; Section 17 on the Appointment Committee; Section 18 on the Screening Committee; Section 27 on meetings of the Board; Section 34 on annual reporting in accordance with relevant articles of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement; Section 37 on the establishment of the Climate Resilience and Green Growth Trust Fund; Section 38 on funding levy arrangement; Section 39 on the payments into the Trust Fund; Section 40 on the payments from the Trust Fund; Section 42 on investments; Section 53 on regulated sectors; Section 55 on the national reference level; Section 56 on targets for emissions; Section 57 on criteria for determining and revising the targets; Section 59 on national reporting; Section 61 on requirements for registration; Section 2 of Part V on emission mitigation plans, mitigation enforcement, climate resilient infrastructure; climate standards for buildings and fuel; Section 70 on the Mitigation Planning Committee; Section 74 on climate change adaptation plans; Section 76 on the Adaptation Planning Committee; Section 89 on consent of customary land holders; and Section 105 on dispute resolution mechanism.
This Act inserts new Section 5A regarding the declaration of climate emergency; Section 13A regarding the content of corporate plan prepared by the Authority; Section 14A regarding the establishment of a Climate Finance Steering Committee; Section 26A regarding the establishment of a secretariat comprising of staff from the Authority; Section 26B regarding the appointment of a secretary to the Board; Section 27A regarding the establishment of a Public Register to be kept and maintained by the Board; Section 38A regarding fees and charges; Section 42A regarding incentives for promoting climate change initiatives; Section 42B regarding accredited climate finance organizations; Section 74B on relocation of at-risk communities; new Part VIA regarding the establishment and operations of emission trading schemes; Section 92A regarding carbon rights and ownership; and Section 107B regarding the development of Blue Carbon Policy and Strategy. Section 43 of the Principal Act is repealed.
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An Act to amend the Climate Change (Management) Act 2015 and for related purposes.
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