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Sindh Women' Agricultural Short title, Workers' Act, 2019.

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This Act is enacted to provide for the recognition of women's work in agriculture (including fanning, livestock and fisheries) and related sectors, to promote and protect their rights, to ensure their participation in decision-making and to foster empowennent through work, and to improve the health and nutrition of women agricultural workers and their children.
A woman agricultural worker shall receive pay which shall be an equal to pay received by male workers for same work, and shall not be less than the minimum wages fixed by Government from time to time for a worker. A woman agricultural worker having child of upto two years of age may breastfeed her child in safe and hygienic conditions and in the first six months of the child's life shall receive the necessary support to exclusively breastfeed her child.
The Act rurther makes provisions for: working hours and off-work; maternity leave; access to public health services and government institutions of agriculture; etc.
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