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Amiri Decree No.35 of 2014 Organizing the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa).

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This Decree consisting of 43 articles aims at organizing the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation in order reach its main goal which is to save and distribute electric power and drinking water to ensure that the country's needs are met permanently and regularly. Main tasks of the Corporation are (i) acquiring, establishing, operating and maintaining facilities for the production, delivery and distribution of electricity and water; (ii) producing, delivering, distributing and selling electricity and water; (iii) conducting works for providing electricity and water to users; (iv) setting necessary plans and programs; (v) developing rules for regulating electrical and water connections to buildings and facilities, monitoring the implementation thereof and granting the necessary licences; (vi) proposing the standards and specifications of electrical and water materials and equipment. Responsible for the overall performance of the Corporation is the Minister of Energy and Industry. The Corporation has a President who conducts all technical, financial and administrative affairs under the supervision of the Minister.
The Corporation shall be comprised of administrative units, in particular (i) Department of Cooling Services; (ii) Department of Conservation and Energy Efficiency; (iii) Department of Health, Safety and Environment; (iv) Departments for Electricity Networks Affairs; (v) Departments for Water Networks Affairs; (vi) Departments for Technical Affairs. The Decree specifies the competencies for each department
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This Decree enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Emiri Resolution No.45 of 2009 shall be rescinded.
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