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Petroleum Mining (Pollution Control) Act (Cap. 168).

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This Act defines the liability for oil pollution by licensees, i.e.persons to whom an exploration licence is granted under section 6 of the Petroleum Mining Act or a company that is a party to a petroleum agreement under section 9 of that Act. The extent of the liability incurred under this section in respect of any discharge of petroleum may be limited (whether as to the amount or otherwise) by Regulations made under the Petroleum Mining Act. The Act also defines libaility for costs of measures are taken for the purpose of preventing or reducing damage to land in Seychelles which may be caused by contamination resulting from the discharge of oil. It also requires a mining licensee to have an insurance in respect of any liability that the licensee.
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Consolidated version of 2012 of Act No. 18 of 1976 as amended last by Act No. 14 of 1980.
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