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Pig Production (Control) Act (Cap. 170).

Type of law

This Act provides for the public control of the reproduction and fattening of pigs. There shall be for the purposes of this Act one or more pig genetic centres approved by the Minister. No person, except pig genetic centres, shall breed, keep or possess without a licence obtained from the Licensing Authority and no person shall possess or keep pigs in an area declared by the Minister to be a restricted zone. Licence holders shall purchase pigs for breeding only from a pig genetic centre. The Act also places restrictions on the sale or transfer of pigs. The Act also provides for control by the Chief Livestock Development Officer of pigs kept by licence holders. The fattening of pigs requires a permit granted by the Chief Livestock Development Officer. Appeal against decisions regarding licences or permits may be had with the Minister.
Date of text
Reprinted version of 30 June 2012 of Act No. 24 of 1985.
Serial Imprint
Laws of Seychelles.
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Legislation Amendment