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Utilities Regulatory Commission Act (Act 12 of 2023).

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This Act establishes the Public Utilities Commission, which is a successor to the Energy Commission, established under the repealed Energy Act, 2012. The Commission shall regulate the activities of regulated sectors for adequate, reliable, cost effective and affordable services while protecting and conserving the environment. A regulated sector is any sector in respect of which the Commission has regulatory functions and powers, in accordance with the corresponding regulatory laws. The functions of the Commission shall include, among others; (a) advise the Minister on the formulation of the national policy on matters relating to any regulated sector; (b) promote the efficient and economic development of any regulated sector; (c) monitor compliance with the Government s international and regional obligations relating to services in the regulated sectors; (d) determine the standards of service applicable to service providers in any regulated sector; (e) issue, modify or extend licences and authorisations for activities in the energy, water and sewerage sectors in accordance with regulatory laws; (f) periodically approve schemes and tariffs in accordance with any regulatory laws; (g) settle disputes in regulated sectors; (h) monitor, enforce and ensure compliance with regulatory laws, licences and standards.
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An Act to establish the Utilities Regulatory Commission for regulating the electricity, water and sewerage sectors and for other connected or incidental matters.
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