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Environment Health Act of 1975.

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This Act provides for the conservation of water and the prevention of the spreading of epidemics. Chapter III here reproduced provides for the control of the quality of drinking water. The health authorities, in any Department, should undertake: (a) the supervision of public and private water sources as well as drinking water projects; samples of water should be taken to ensure its quality and that it is unpolluted; (b) inspection of water networks or any other water sources in towns and villages in order to ensure the supply of unpolluted water to the population; (c) regulation medical examination of personnel working in source networks, or in supply (units) of drinking water in order to ensure that they are free from any communicable diseases which may be widely transmitted through the water; (d) purify water sources from pollution so that they can be exploited. Any person or (institution) responsible for storing or supplying the population with drinking water, whether belonging to the public or the private sector, should conform to the health conditions as laid down by the Minister of Health.
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The text includes only Chapter I.
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UNEP - Environmental Management in Africa Compendium.
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