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Federal Agricultural Fertilizers Act No.13 of 2010.

Type of law

This Act consisting of 21 articles divided in VI Sections aims at organizing the administration responsible for fertilizers at the Ministry of Agriculture.
The fertilizers administration shall: create a fertilizers register; register or cancel and re-register fertilizers in accordance with the specifications determined by the Sudanese Organization for Standardization; license manufacturing, processing and trafficking in fertilizers (with the exception of special fertilizers for universities and research centers for the purpose of scientific research and after obtaining the approval of the competent department); ban and restrict the use of fertilizers if do not match the specifications set by the Sudanese Organization for Standardization; and establish an inspection and control device for fertilizers.
The Act provides also for: types of fertilizers; import, export and distribution of fertilizers; services fees; and phytosanitary certificate issued by the government agencies of the country of origin to prove they are free from harmful microorganisms.
The VI Sections are entitled as follows: Preliminary Provisions (I); Administration (II); Kinds of Fertilizers (III); The Organization of work in the field of Fertilizers (IV); Financial Provisions (V); and Final Provisions (VI).
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(13) 2010