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Federal Seeds and Species Protection Act No.14 of 2010.

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This Act consisting of 32 articles divided in VII Sections aims at controlling agricultural products by establishing: 1) the National Council for Varieties and Seeds; 2) Committee for granting Variety Permits.
In order of the general supervision of the organization of seed industry, main tasks of the National Council are: provide the policy to regulate, encourage and control production, circulation and use of seeds and species; form specialized advisory committees; advise the Minister of Agriculture about the nomination of a person responsible for the registration of seeds and species and a seed inspector.
Main tasks of the Committee are: set up conditions, controls and necessary measures for granting permits and registering varieties and seeds; and approve the registration of varieties and seeds.
The Act deals also with: rules for registration or deregistration of a new variety; variety protection; breeder rights; protected variety use (personal and not commercial, for scientific purposes and the ones produced by farmers to cultivate their land); rules for producing, preparing and marketing seeds.
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(14) 2010