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Nutrition Policy for Sudan and Strategy for Implementation

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In order to maximise the contributions of the economic growth as well as the promotion personal of well-being, Sudan's government and its many partners have elaborated the nutrition policy and strategy for implementation for the period of 2006-2010.
The five key objectives of the policy are: (i) reverse the current deterioration in nutritional status, among various population groups, of all ages, and gradually improve it, particularly among the physiologically vulnerable, (ii) during the short-term improvements brought about by emergency interventions, increase local skills and develop adequate programmes to sustain the improvements, (iii) expand nutrition resources for state- and local-level activity, both human and financial, (iv) actors across the sectors will talk together and coordinate activities, (v) mainstream nutritional status as a key development indicator during Recovery and Reconstruction.
The policy plans that the following eleven principles should all be incorporated in programmes addressing nutrition. Clusters of partners are suggested for each strategy: (i) understanding for each sector contribution to nutrition, (ii) collaborative action within and between administrative levels, (iii) integrated and whole-population approach, (iv) community action, (v) indigenous knowledge, (vi) private sector involvement, (vii) appropriate joint programming, (viii) information, communication and research, (ix) monitor impacts against objectives from the start, including against MDGs, selected poverty reduction targets, and equity ratios.
In the context of governance, this strand of the strategy addresses the people and organizational aspects that will be needed to lead the implementation of the Policy in the next five years, and what institutional issues they may be expected to address. The Federal Ministry of Health is the government body mandated to address nutrition. FMOH has established the National Nutrition Directorate (NND) in the Primary Health Care General Directorate in Khartoum, headed by a Director and currently staffed by 11 professional officers, of an establishment of 25. There is a similar nutrition unit in the Juba ministry.
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