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Act (2004:1199) on emissions trade.

Type of law

This Act regulates the conditions for trading on the right to emit carbon dioxide (emissions). It applies to incineration plants with a rated thermal input exceeding 20 megawatts or connected to a district heating network with a total thermal input of 20 megawatts; to mineral oil refineries; to coke ovens; to plants for the production or processing of ferrous metals; to plants for the production of cement clinker or lime in rotary kilns or other furnaces, production of glass, and for the manufacture of ceramic products by firing; and to the manufacture of paper, paperboard and pulp. Authorization for carbon emissions shall be provided by the producing facilities pursuant to the Environmental Code Act or older environmental legislations with the purpose to ensure the monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions are being contained. If it is necessary to meet Sweden's obligation of membership in the European Union, authorities may revoke authorization pursuant to this Act or amend or revoke the conditions of such authorization in adherence to article 24.1 of the Emissions Trading Directive.
The Act consists of 9 Chapters: Introductory provisions (1); Permits and other requirements for greenhouse gas emissions (2); National inventory and allocation of allowances (3); Registration of allowances and Kyoto units (4); Monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions (5); Reporting of emissions (6); Supervision (7); Penalty, forfeiture, other penalties and damages (8); Appeals (9). Transitional provisions.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 2005.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Lag (2004:1199) om handel med utslaappsraatter.