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Decree on the management of the aquatic environment quality (2004:660).

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The provisions of this Regulation set rules on the management of acquatic environment quality - in accordance to Chapter 5 of the Environmental Code. It helps define river basins and water district delineation in specific areas of the country (Chapter 2). Water authorities, municipalities, organizations and entities shall plan work accordingly and establish the quality requirements for surface water, groundwater and protected areas in the water district. The quality of artificial and heavily modified surface water shall be created in order to ensure that their status is not deteriorated and has good ecological potential in adherence to EU Regulation 2006/60/EC. Provisions in this document shall be implemented by the cooperating Environmental Protection Agency and Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) for the recognition of responsibilities in its management activities.
In the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Bothnian Sea and the North Sea Basin there are international river basins shared with Norway, as referred to in article 3.3 of Directive 2000/60/EC. The international common basin in Finland and Sweden is part of an international river basin in accordance with agreement (SUN 2003:26) of 3 October 2003 on the establishment of a common river basin with Finland.
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Consolidated version of Law SFS 2004:660 as amended last by SFS 2018:77.
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F rordning (2004:660) om f rvaltning av kvaliteten p vattenmilj n.
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